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Biden Supporters Promote First Week Early Voting at Yuma Bus Tour Stop

The campaign to elect Joe Biden For President made its first official stop in Yuma on Friday. While President Donald Trump's campaign has been active in the city for weeks, including visits by the President and Vice President Mike Pence, the Biden campaign is playing catch up with in-person events. Though Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, did not make the trip, the visit was a relief to local Democrats.

With 25 days until Election Day, Biden supporters rallied in Yuma on Friday to encourage county residents to vote early. Mail-in ballots are out in Yuma County and early voting began Wednesday.

Biden and Harris did not make the Yuma trip, but the bus brought campaign signs, buttons and stickers to local Democrats. Many had expressed concern about the lack of signage in the city.

Mario Munoz of Yuma was wearing a Biden-Harris face mask and said he was glad Yuma County and Arizona are getting attention this election season.

“Arizona’s been considered a very red state, Conservative, and I think Biden and Harris can turn that around this year," Munoz said. "I think Trump’s made way too many mistakes from Day 1. (He’s) not to be trusted. He’s got too much hate going on in the country. It’s divided. It’s terrible and we need change, we need real change. He didn’t make America great. He made it worse.” 

The "First Week Voters for Biden-Harris Bus" left for Tucson after the Yuma stop.

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