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The Politics of Crisis on the U.S. Mexico Border

Arizona Edition - Our guest this week warns that politicians, and the media, hype up coverage of the U.S.-Mexico border for political gain and for ratings. Clara Long focuses on immigration and border policy as Associate Director for US Programs at Human Rights Watch. 

Long says in a world that is increasingly mobile due to violence, economics, and even climate change, how we talk about, and deal with migration in all its forms, requires an honest assessment of policy impacts on real people and a sustained humane approach.






Lou grew up in Tucson and has a long family history in the state of Arizona. He began his public radio career in 1988 at KNAU in Flagstaff as a classical music DJ and has been hooked on public radio since, transitioning to news after trying his hand at several other careers in publishing and commercial broadcasting. Lou has a degree in American Studies from Arizona State University and was KAWC's Morning Edition host for two and half years before becoming News and Operations Director.
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