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Sen. McSally Meets Border Patrol, Ag and Water Leaders in Yuma


­U.S. Sen. Martha McSally had a packed schedule on Wednesday in her first visit to the Yuma area since Gov. Doug Ducey appointed her to the Senate on Dec. 18.

McSally replaced Sen. Jon Kyl, who was appointed following the death of Sen. John McCain.

On Wednesday, she visited the Yuma Sector of the U.S.-Mexico border east of San Luis where 376 migrants tunneled under the border fencing and entered last week.

McSally ended her day meeting with Customs and Border Protection agents to thank them for their service.

“But especially during the government shutdown to thank them for continuing to serve, thanking them for coming to work every day when they’re not being paid," McSally said. "I also am having my pay withheld. I’m standing with them."

"I want to let them know how proud I am of them," she continued. "I’m standing with them. I’m taking a red eye back tonight to (Washington,) D.C., trying to break this impasse and get the government open and secure the border.”

As of today, the shutdown is in its 32nd day.

McSally began her day meeting with Yuma County 4H Ambassadors. She held a roundtable with local water leaders including Yuma water lawyer Wade Noble to discuss the Drought Contingency Plan for Arizona.

McSally met with area ag leaders to discuss the response of the Food and Drug Administration to the 2018 E coli outbreak. She also met with the mayors of Yuma, Somerton, San Luis and Wellton.

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