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On Topic: Title 42 in Yuma - A KAWC News Special Report

Stephanie Sanchez - KAWC

On Topic: Title 42 in Yuma

In March of 2020, the Trump administration used a public health policy known as Title 42 to slow the flow of undocumented immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Two years later, President Joe Biden’s plan to roll back the policy caused an uproar.

People, and politicians, feared the end of Title 42 would be the beginning of a tidal wave of immigrants.

But will it?

For this KAWC News Special Report, we reached out a variety of local voices for their perspectives on the problem

We hear from a mayor, a sheriff, a health care provider, a community activist and a reporter about what they see on the border every day, and for their take on current border policy and what it will take to improve conditions at the border.

Doug Nicholls - Mayor of Yuma Arizona
Mayor's Emergency Proclamation on Humanitarian and Border Crisis
Leon Wilmot - Yuma County Sheriff
Amanda Aguirre - President and CEO of Regional Center for Border Health
Jesus Lugo - Community Activist and Democratic candidate for the Arizona House
Adam Klepp - local KECY TV reporter and recent transplant to the border region

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