Arizona Interscholastic Association Reinstates Winter Sports, Games To Begin Next Week

Jan 15, 2021

After voting to end winter sports amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Arizona Interscholastic Association (AIA) reversed course and announced Tuesday that winter sports for the 2020-21 season can begin Jan. 18. 

This means basketball, soccer, wrestling, and spirit line can begin practice and games Monday with the regular season-ending March 5.

The Yuma Union High School District will allow two parents/guardians for each athletic home game. Those games will start on Jan. 25.

Anyone attending those games is required to fill out a COVID-19 visitor's waiver. That will be available electronically through BlueInk. 

There will be a cost for admission to this year's games like previous years as well. 

A select number of games will be available via live stream at a date later determined by YUHSD.