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Victor Calderón

Asylum Seekers, Including Man Who Was In Migrant Caravan, Camp Out At San Luis Border

The caravan of Central American migrants moving north towards the United States has reached Mexico City. The group is expected to split up as it approaches the U.S.-Mexico border. Organizers and human rights workers expect the majority to apply for asylum in the U.S. Right now, there are dozens of people camped out in line at the port of entry in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico seeking asylum.

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It's largely forgotten now — but there was a time when the mere mention of Brooklyn would produce a cascade of laughs. It was like saying "woman driver" — surefire guffaws. Everybody from Brooklyn was supposed to be a character.

Every platoon in every war movie had one wise guy from Brooklyn in it. Brooklyn natives spoke funny. They said, most famously, "youse guys." At a time when African-Americans, Asian-Americans and Hispanics barely existed — visibly — in movies or on radio or television, Brooklyn was the all-purpose stand-in for our great American ethnic diversity.


Spirited Discussion: Arizona Highways

November 7 5:30 pm

AZ Highways: On the Road Since 1925

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