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Arizona Western College Mandates Masks in All Indoor Spaces on Campus

Victor Calderon/KAWC

Arizona Western College students will have to wear a face-covering regardless of vaccination status to begin the new school year, according to AWC President Dr. Daniel Corr.  



In an updated report Thursday, in the college’s protocols, Dr. Corr outlined his reasoning for mandating all students, faculty, and staff to wear masks while indoors on campus.  


“When we started this journey in March of 2020, we stated our two main objectives were to protect the health of our communities and help our students reach their educational goals,” said Dr. Daniel Corr. “That is just as true today as it was then.”  


The decision was made with the consideration of Yuma Regional Medical Center and The Yuma County Public Health District. Dr. Corr recognized the transmission of the COVID Delta Variant in Yuma and La Paz County as ‘incredible potent’. 


Dr. Corr even goes on to note that the variant is affecting younger people and is highly contagious.  


The decision follows the same footsteps of all three major universities in Arizona and the two largest community colleges.  


“We can only beat this if we work together using all the tools we have at our disposal. Our goal is to prevent a campus shut-down while keeping all of our populations safe AND helping our students reach their educational goals,” Dr. Corr said. 

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