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Arizona Western College multilingual students in San Luis embrace their accents

AWC multilingual students
Victor Calderón/KAWC
Students of Dr. Sara Amani at the San Luis Learning Center of Arizona Western College held the second Multilingual Student Expo on Wednesday, March 16, 2022.

Students at the San Luis Learning Center of Arizona Western College came together this week to celebrate the diversity of southwestern Arizona.

Dr. Sara Amani’s students held the second Multilingual Student Expo.

Some students dressed in traditional Mexican clothing and shared Mexican snacks including elote, or corn on the cob, and Mexican candies.

Students shared their personal life experiences through poetry that was, at times, emotional.

“It doesn’t matter if we have an accent or not," said student Araceli Espindola. "We’re together. We’re not alone and we are one community.”

Amani said the expo reassures some students who may feel inferior because they may have a foreign accent.

“So this is a great opportunity for them to know that we value their voices, that they can share with the community and that they should stay proud of their linguistic and their cultural identity,” she said.

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