Former AWC Employee Threatens Lawsuit Against College and President

Apr 30, 2021

A former Arizona Western College employee detailed a list of complaints against the college and its President, Dr. Daniel Corr, in a 12-minute online video released Thursday on YouTube. 

Robert Walker is a former Vice President of Technology at AWC and a member of the President's Cabinet. Walker says Dr. Corr misrepresented his separation from the college, reneged on a negotiated retirement, and never officially informed him he was let go. 


Walker alleges Dr. Corr and other college administrators are making unilateral decisions about the future of AWC without transparency and accountability. 


In his video posted to YouTube, Walker said he is not a 'disgruntled former employee' and that his complaints about college leadership are about more than his separation from the institution. 

He contends that Dr. Corr abused his power and stifled discussion among college staff and faculty critical of AWC leadership and abandoned a year's long commitment to shared governance discussed in strategic planning paid for by taxpayers, Walker said. 

In the published video, Walker says he plans to sue Dr. Corr and the college for one dollar, to force the college to release all e-mails, phone records, and documentation that he claims will support his allegations. 


On Friday, AWC released a statement in response to Walker's video saying the college cannot comment on 'personnel-related issues involving current or former employees." 


Arizona Western College responded to the former employee's allegations Friday morning.
Credit Arizona Western College


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