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Yuma Mayor Nicholls To Attend White House Christmas Party, Meet with Gov. Officials in Washington

Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls met with President Donald Trump in Washington on Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls is in Washington, D.C. this week where he will attend the White House Christmas party and meet with government officials.

Mayor Nicholls is scheduled to attend the party this afternoon where he told KAWC he hopes to greet President Donald Trump.

Nicholls said this visit shows that elected and government officials in Washington care about what is happening in Yuma.

“This is the kind of event where, I’m surprised I got the invitation but I’m happy to see that Yuma is being taken seriously on a national level,” Nicholls said.

While in Washington, Nicholls said he is scheduled to meet with Brenda Burman the Commissioner for the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. Nicholls said he will discuss with Burman the request for a water transfer from the Yuma area to Queen Creek.

Nicholls said he will also meet with the deputy secretary for the Department of Homeland Security. The state of emergency Nicholls declared in April over high migrant numbers is still open and Nicholls said he wants to address this with DHS officials as migrant numbers have decreased significantly in recent months.

And despite a U.S. House of Representatives vote on impeachment for Trump expected Wednesday, Nicholls told KAWC that he has not experienced any buzz over the proceedings in Washington, saying that he is focused on sharing Yuma interests with those he meets with.


Stay tuned to KAWC for more from our interview with Yuma Mayor Doug Nicholls from Washington.

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