City of Yuma

City of Yuma

The City of Yuma is hosting an open house, where Yuma residents will get the chance to meet and interact with the four finalists for City of Yuma Administrator.

The City of Yuma Primary Election is just days away.  KAWC's Kim Johnson takes a look at the candidates running for the Yuma City Council.....

Tuesday is the City of Yuma Primary Election.  Six candidates are seeking three open seats on the City Council.  And even though it is a primary, candidates who receive 50% plus one vote of the total cast can be elected Tuesday.  And if no candidate receives that 50% plus one vote, all six candidates will still be on the ballot in the November General Election.

The Mesa Del Sol Property Owners Association has begun the process of the possible annexation of the development into the City of Yuma.  KAWC's Kim Johnson reports.

The Mesa Del Sol Property Owners Association recently submitted a formal letter petitioning the City for annexation.  Wednesday to the Yuma City Council, Association Board President Angie Mitchell explained the letter, saying Far West Water and Sewer was the reason for the annexation request.

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An initiative on the ballot in the City of Yuma would institute a tax specifically to fix the city’s roads, something local residents and business-owners say is badly needed. 

Binational Bike Ride Promotes Health and Unity

Oct 24, 2017
Stephanie Sanchez

The second annual Mayor’s Binational Bike Ride invited bicycling enthusiasts from both sides of the U.S. Mexico border to promote health and unity among the region’s cities.

KAWC’S Stephanie Sanchez reports.